Cardamon Tea Premix

A perfect blend of Cardamom which is also known as Elaichi in our Indian homes and are also essential when it comes to making a cup filled with aroma of cardamom and other essentials of tea. We have chosen the selected variety of cardamom. All the cardamom is handpicked and being used for the premix so that the person can feel and relate the taste just like home.

Benefits of Cardamom Tea:

There are few of the common benefits of Cardamom like curing colds, relieve upset stomach and there is even research that this tea may have an advantage in healing certain cancers. The use of cardamom tea dates back many centuries ago and was record for its use in ancient folk medicines.

Here are some more benefits of Cardamom tea backed by science:

  • May have Antibacterial Effects and Treat Infections
  • May Improve Breathing and Oxygen Use
  • May Lower Blood Sugar Levels
  • In addition to the aforementioned health benefits, cardamom may be good for your health in other ways as well. Studies in rats have found that the high antioxidant levels in the spice may prevent both liver enlargement, anxiety and even aid weight loss




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