Our Vision

To satisfy the demand of tea lovers and the people falling in their category we as a company have come up with different types of tea with a touch of healthy bit in it and also which can be instantly made to satisfy the urge and cravings of having tea on the moment. We have a range of products in Tea, Coffee and healthy drinks. To name few in the range of the products, our tea comes in sub range of 6 variants where Cardamom premix, Masala tea premix, Ginger tea premix, lemongrass tea premix, Cardamom masala tea premix, Sugar-free tea premix. The range of tea mentioned are all premix which can be instantly mixed and the contents used in it are all healthy and in their purest forms

The range of Coffee are:  Coffee premix, Coffee Mocha premix and Sugar-free coffee premix. This instant formula of Coffee is surprise for the caffeine lovers who cannot kick start their day without a good cup of Coffee.

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